444 Maple Ave Vienna VA

444 Maple Ave Vienna VA – Commerce and Residence in One Space

444 Maple Ave Vienna VA, is a mixed-unit innovation that offers commercial leases on the ground floor and residential apartments on the upper levels. Over 20,000 square feet of floor space for commerce is available for lease, and 160 apartments are optimizing 6,270 square feet. The building has a total of four-floor levels. Both tenants and customers of businesses leasing in the allocated commercial space will have access to more or less 300 parking spaces on two levels of designated parking. The parking area comprises around 149 parking slots with dedicated charging stations for retail parking. On the other hand, 43 flats at ground level and 106 garage units are designated for residential parking. There are two entrances for cars and two for pedestrians located around 444 Maple Ave, Vienna, VA.

a photo of a spacious kitchen with an island and granite countertops in 444 Maple Ave, Vienna, VA
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Residential and Commercial space of 444 Maple Ave

The beautiful residential area at 444 Maple Ave, Vienna, VA, envisions a modern destination offering convenient living conditions. Residents will enjoy a fantastic city view because the building locates northeast of the land. The best part is that different kinds of stores are within reach. To ensure that apartments are accessible to suit a variety of customer needs and wallets, available units are equally diversified. To ensure customer needs are attended to, the shopping center comprises a variety of enterprises. There are ten separate commercial flats available for lease. Unit spaces at 444 Maple Ave are very efficient and beneficial for businesses because they sure have customers 24/7. The total retail area is 20,252 square feet. Amenities on the ground floor include a covered and open plaza, seating or waiting areas, charging stations, utility room, retail trash or recycling area, pet washing station, bike storage, two elevators, and ample parking space.

Location and transportation to downtown Vienna

444 Maple Ave situates in downtown Vienna Virginia, at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Nutley Street. The property is ideally positioned with quick access to several commercial locations in the area because it is situated on one of Vienna’s main highways. The structure accommodates both commercial and residential tenants. It is nearby other outdoor and community facilities such as medical and dental clinics, animal hospitals, restaurants, art galleries, child care, golf clubs, Christian church, and academies. Parks nearby are Meadow Lane Park, Vienna Dog Park, and Mercer Park. Traveling to 444 Maple is simple via the Washington Metro Orange Line. Many bus trips are heading to the place, or you may take a taxi or Uber from the Vienna/ Fairfax GMU Station. You may also drive and not worry about parking because you can park for free in several downtown parking spaces. 

There are a lot of pleasant places the small town of Vienna has to offer, one of which is the unique 444 Maple, wherein you can find something new to discover, shop to your heart’s content, or reside in a luxurious home. If you wish to know more about 444 Maple Ave, you may visit https://newconstructionfairfaxcounty.com/new-constructions/vienna/444-maple/ for more details.