Best Neighborhoods in Bend Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, is an outdoor mecca tucked in the center of Deschutes County, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Cascade Mountains. The city began as a humble sanctuary for desert travelers and is now an up-and-coming city where people have rediscovered the endless opportunities, the unparalleled beauty of sceneries, the appeal of family-oriented communities, and the room to grow as a person no matter where you are in Bend. Twenty thousand more people move to the best neighborhoods in Bend, Oregon, every ten years, boosting the city’s population. Nevertheless, despite its phenomenal growth, the city still retains a charming small-town atmosphere. Bend neighborhoods offer distinct charm and are perfect for raising a family. It is an idyllic hamlet for those seeking a slower pace of life, not to mention the city is well known for being laid back, reserved, secure, and welcoming.

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Best Neighborhoods in Bend, Oregon

Best Neighborhoods in Bend, Oregon

Bend offers a diverse landscape with many benefits depending on your lifestyle. From spectacular scenery to quick-paced commerce to quaint neighborhoods. The fun is finding your place, and here are the best neighborhoods in Bend, Oregon.

  1. Southeast Bend offers more acreage and a more laidback community.
  2. Southwest Bend offers riverfront properties and a tight niche community with many great amenities.
  3. Century West is a master-planned community home to an affluent real estate market.
  4. Summit West houses range from tiny homes to large, architecturally stunning homes. 
  5. Awbrey Butte living feels more about the environment than the house itself as nature surrounds you.
  6. Orchard District is diverse and dubbed as the most affordable neighborhood in Bend.
  7. Old Bend is rich with historic and quaint communities, where homes’ architectural styles vary. 
  8. River West homes are similar to Old Bend, with new construction dispersed throughout the area.
  9. Boyd Acres gives a suburban feel and primarily consists of homes built within the past 20 years.
  10. Southern Crossing is a mix of residential, business, and commercial sites layered with Bend history and outdoor beauty.
  11. Mountain View is a vibrant mix of single-family, multifamily, senior housing, and commercial buildings.

Real Estate Information

Depending on your preference and family size, a wide range of houses, apartments, and condominiums are available in Bend neighborhoods, ranging from as low as $240,000 to $6,000,000. One thing to note about Bend’s real estate is home prices are rising despite the city’s affordable cost of living. Renting or buying a property will cost you a hefty penny. However, you will get a better price deal if you buy it sooner rather than later. Take it into serious consideration before making that critical decision. Depending on which part of Bend you live in, the architecture of homes varies to suit your style. The real estate market of Bend has single-family homes, multi-family homes, small cottages, modernly renovated homes, condominiums, or luxury homes to choose from. Houses usually have a floor plan of 1-7 bedrooms and baths. Moreover, homes in Bend, Oregon, neighborhoods are always near to fun since there are many outdoor experiences and recreational opportunities surrounding Bend.

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