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Buckingham County VA

Buckingham County VA is a rural community widely regarded as one of the state’s most desirable places to call home. In 1761, the southeastern part of Albemarle County was split off to form the new county of Buckingham. After years of changing, the current borders were set in 1860. The town of Buckingham serves as the county seat in Buckingham County in Virginia’s Piedmont region. The origin of the county’s name is unclear, some surmise it is named for its namesake, Buckinghamshire, in England, and others say it is named after the Duke of Buckingham. Most of Buckingham County’s oldest records have perished in a fire that broke out in 1869 and devastated the courthouse that Thomas Jefferson had designed. In 1997, the Virginia Division of Mineral Mining used the Orphaned Land Program to reclaim the London-Virginia and Buckingham gold mines. There are many old and new homes for sale in Buckingham county VA. Yet, many undeveloped parts of the county remain, so residents and visitors alike can enjoy pastimes such as fishing and hunting. Country living attracts many homebuyers who want a peaceful environment close to nature and wildlife.

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Buckingham County Real Estate Information

Most of the homes in Buckingham County are single-family homes. The price range of available homes in Buckingham listings ranges from $79,900 to $900,000. Buckingham County features architectural styles varying from Colonial, Cape Cod, and Ranch architecture, depicted in the county’s residential properties. The floor plan of homes in Buckingham County is often single-story houses that include anywhere from one to four bedrooms and bathroom arrangements. The typical size of a large home in Buckingham County is 2,936 square feet throughout its whole floor plan, while interior floor space spans from 1,100 to 7,500 square feet on average. The overall acreage is anything between 033 to 100 acres in size. Homes for sale in Buckingham County VA provide excellent features for excellent and comfortable living. These features might include a garage, basement, windows perfectly placed to have natural light enter the house, a kitchen with necessary appliances, or a patio or yard overlooking the surrounding greenery.

Buckingham County Community Highlight

Greenery surroundings filled with calmness, quiet living, and zero traffic are what some desire, the opposite of the city’s bustling lifestyle. Providing many and wide, peaceful environments, living in Buckingham County offers residents mornings rich with fresh air, which is excellent for mental health and mood. Compared to nearby cities in Buckingham, where noise and many vehicles are normal, the pollution in the neighborhood is low, providing a healthier lifestyle and ease of mind. Purchasing homes for sale Buckingham County VA will also allow you to experience a sense of being more connected to the community in which you work and live. One of the most rewarding aspects of living in a rural community is getting to know one’s neighbors and building memories that will last a lifetime. Residents enjoy all of the safety, conveniences, and serenity of Buckingham County. For people, retirees, or families searching for a new enclave in a more relaxed, rural part of Virginia, Buckingham County might be an ideal place for you.


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