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Is Charleston, SC A Good Place to Live?

Are you planning to move to Charleston, South Carolina? Here’s why you’ll adore its cobblestone streets, charming atmosphere, and welcoming neighborhood.

With good cause, hundreds of new people are flocking to Charleston, South Carolina, for its cobblestone walks, unique historical buildings, world-class restaurants, and miles of lovely beaches. Travel & Leisure has ranked Charleston as the top city in the United States for numerous years in a row. Conde Nast Traveler readers also rated it the best city in the world.

Charleston is an excellent place to live since it is known to be the friendliest city in the U.S. If you are new in the town, don’t be shocked when a stranger suddenly jumps in and help you with a smile on their face, and it is considered to be a part of life in the south.

Charleston State's Oldest City

As the state’s oldest city, it has preserved some unique pieces of its past dating back to before the Civil War. The roughly 350-year-old city is South Carolina’s cultural capital, and it continues to appreciate and reflect on its rich history today. Charleston is an excellent place to live since it is a historical haven.

Many people believe Charleston to have the ideal year-round climate. Even though the winters can be chilly by local standards, temperatures rarely fall below the 50s unless a rare Southern snowfall passes. However, avoiding the harsh winters means that the city can get quite hot in the summer. There are plenty of beaches and pools to keep you cool. You can also enjoy outdoor activities in the winter without battling the bitter cold.

Charleston Impressive Schools

Education is an excellent investment that can give you tons of opportunities in the future. 

Charleston is a great place to plant roots and grow a career, between impressive schools, cheap living costs, and a vibrant economy. Can you believe it, Charleston is even home to yet another award-winning aspect—The most Beautiful Campus? 

The Charleston County School in South Carolina is the second-largest school district. It encompasses 1,000 square miles and represents a unique mix of urban, suburban, and rural schools. The College of Charleston, Trident Technical College, Charleston Southern, and The Citadel—one of the most prominent military colleges in the country—are all excellent colleges and universities in the area. Travel + Leisure rated the College of Charleston the most beautiful campus in the country. Microsoft News recently ranked it the Most Beautiful College Campus in South Carolina. This liberal arts college is in the middle of the city. Students have access to a well-rounded education as well as the bustling city.

Charleston’s economy is quickly expanding. We may thank the establishment of a Volvo factory and the expansion of the Boeing manufacturing facility for this. The city’s economy has consistently outperformed the national average year after year. This continuous growth tendency is an attractive incentive to migrate to such a beautiful city for anyone considering moving to Charleston.

Moving to Charleston SC

Moving to Charleston SC

Charleston has a lot to offer, from its rich history and culture to its vibrant arts scene and various water activities. There are a few places you don’t want to miss:

The parks are lovely. You may be familiar with Charleston’s Cypress Gardens if you’ve seen the film The Notebook. There are 3.5 miles of nature paths nestled amid a beautiful marsh.

Scenes from sports. If you’re a golfer, you’ll have a practically limitless amount of options in the Charleston area. Kiawah Island Golf Resort features a world-class beach and championship golf courses built and played by PGA professionals.

Take a walk. If crowded venues aren’t your thing, you don’t need to visit a well-known tourist attraction to enjoy Charleston’s stunning environment.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, moving from out of town can be a challenging experience. Life Storage in Charleston provides self-storage and moving truck rentals to help you with your relocation. Many people relocate to the neighborhood and rent a home before purchasing a home.

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