Commuter Town Benefits When You Move to New Jersey

Commuter Town Near New York

New Jersey is popular among people who work outside of the city. They like it because they can commute to Manhattan during rush hour and near major highways. Consequently, New Jersey has become one of the most happening places. In particular, the Garden State’s commuter communities of the city are essential parts of the city’s thriving businesses. A commuter town is a residential community near a large city or metropolitan area. These towns typically have lower property values and are more affordable than the big city. But they still offer many of the same urban amenities. The best commuter town in NJ provides a community feel, easy access to public transportation, and plenty of things to do outside work hours. In addition, New Jersey has some of the most beautiful towns containing excellent schools, shopping options, and affordable utilities. You can never go wrong with finding residence in New Jersey.

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Best Towns in NJ For Commuters

Union City is one of the best commuter towns in NJ. Located just off the Hudson River, it has a population of over 70,000, with many residents commuting into NYC for work every day. The town offers a variety of neighborhoods and cultures where you can live. According to the latest census, Union City has been a refuge for Cubans fleeing Communism for decades. More than 80% of Union City’s population identifies as Hispanic. At the same time, a lot of young people are moving to New Jersey because it’s more affordable than living in places like Hoboken or Jersey City. The bus ride between Union City and New York takes about 4 minutes and is around 4 kilometers. The bus departs from Midtown – 45th St/11th Ave in Union City and stops at New York, NY – Union Square. 177 buses run weekly, but the schedule can vary on weekends or holidays. So, make sure to check before you go.

Advantages of Commuter Town

New Jersey has many advantages that make it a great place to live. One of the most obvious ones is its proximity to New York City. The distance means you can get there quickly for work or leisure. New Jersey also has excellent schools and a lower cost of living. Plus, New Jersey has some beautiful beaches and places like Cape May where you can enjoy nature. If you want to find an affordable home near work and other fun places, then New Jersey might be good for you. New Jersey has communities that range from rural towns to bustling cities, and they have something for everyone. The state is home to Newark, one of the best commuter towns in NJ, and Union City. The state also offers outdoor activities such as biking on the Appalachian trail and active urban life. In addition, there are plenty of cultural venues and shops, such as galleries and museums. These are just a few advantages of living in the city, but it has a multitude of other hidden gems awaiting discovery.

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