Cost of Living in Florida Keys

Cost of Living in Florida Keys: Stunning Islands

Around 1,700 islands comprise the stunning series of islands known as the Florida Keys, situated off Florida’s southern coast. The tropical paradise is renowned for its beautiful beaches, abundant marine life, and crystal-clear seas. The Florida Keys is a well-liked vacation spot that draws tourists from around the world to take in the breathtaking landscape, partake in water sports, and relax in the sun. However, for many people, residing inside the Florida Keys is a lifestyle option that may come at a premium price because of the area’s comparatively high cost of living compared to other sections of Florida. The Cost of Living in Florida Keys, though it may vary widely depending on geography, is the sum of money needed to maintain a given level of life in a particular place.


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Florida Keys Location

The islands of the Florida Keys run for about 120 miles from Key Largo in the north to Key West in the south. There are over 1,700 islands inside it, but only around 43 of them are joined by bridges and causeways to form the Overseas Highway. The Overseas Highway, which travels through various little islands and coral reefs along the route, connects the Keys to the mainland and is located off the southern coast of Florida. The principal islands include Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West. The region is renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear seas, and abundant marine life. The Florida Keys have a tropical environment with moderate temperatures all year and sporadic rainfall. As a result, you may engage in various enjoyable aquatic sports, including kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling.


Things You should know about the Cost of Living in the Florida Keys

Living expenses in the Florida Keys region vary based on your lifestyle and residence. Due to the strong demand for commodities and homes in the Florida Keys, daily living expenses are often higher than the national average. The Florida Keys ranks 151.2 out of 100, meaning living there is more costly than in other areas. Although housing costs rank 257.3, health care costs rank 162.4, and food costs rank 114.5. Utilities scored 98.9. Transportation scored 69.3, and the Florida Keys’ sole factors with COL indexes lower than the national average. So, even with a moderate lifestyle, living in Key West may be pricey. With median property prices in the Florida Keys of $999,000 and median listing prices per square foot of about $869, depending on the island and closeness to the ocean, housing expenditures are often the most significant outlay.


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