Garden City Country Club Inc

Garden City Country Club Inc – Fantastic Golf Course and a Historic Club in New York

The Garden City Country Club Inc (GCCC) is a family-oriented club committed to providing superior facilities, quality programs, and various services for the benefit and enjoyment of its members and guests. GCCC boasts a Walter Travis-designed golf course and an impressive set of amenities for the whole family to enjoy. From excellent greens, exquisite cuisine in a beautiful setting, well-maintained platform tennis, and courts, Garden City Country Club Inc has something to offer everyone. Garden City Casino stood in the original, central segment of the community, and a new clubhouse was built on North Avenue as the neighborhood expanded west. Despite being a community center, Estates sector members can enjoy a round of gold on the public Salisbury Links course. Garden City Estates’ George Tarbell founded the Garden City Country Club in 1916. The new club leased a wealthy resident’s property and engaged Walter Travis to design an 18-hole course. He also built the magnificent Westchester Country Club, giving a more renowned touch to the community.

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Real Estate Properties Available in New York’s Garden City

Homes for sale Garden City New York, offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a home with all the bells and whistles. Ideally suited for a large family or several tenants, many meticulously maintained homes in the area feature a fantastic architectural design and over 4,800 sqft of living area. Wood beam ceilings, a flex space measuring at least 27 by 21, and other features reminiscent of Boise’s historic architecture can be discovered in the housing market of Garden City. Each home has all the amenities necessary for a comfortable living environment, perfect for a family looking for a high-end residence in New York City. Aside from stunning residential homes, the city is also home to numerous mixed-use properties which can be used to generate additional income. Several buildings in the area feature retail space and warehouses equipped with high-end fixtures and fittings, including polished concrete floors, a handcrafted epoxy tile mosaic, a 14-foot bay door, a trellised outdoor patio with a custom stone fireplace, and crown molding throughout.

Garden City Outdoor Pursuits and Recreation

The Garden City, which is home to around 12,000 people and is nearly encircled by Boise, the state capital, is known for its lovely and spacious residences. Many property for sale Garden City NY typically offers a wide variety of architectural styles and price points to meet the needs of every buyer exploring the area’s real estate market. Families and young professionals in the Green Belt find this Boise suburb appealing since Garden City has been a hub for several world-famous outdoor pursuits and ample job opportunities. Locals can easily spend an afternoon at the nearby Ski Resort, where they can go skiing, tubing, or snowboarding before coming home to find the streets unaffected by the winter’s snow and ice. Camping, climbing in the mountains, strolling the Green Belt, and rafting on the river are just a few summertime activities that keep locals busy on the weekends. Fishing, fly fishing, picturesque drives, long bike rides, and encounters with local wildlife are all on the agenda.

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