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Third system brick coastal defense forts are not widely known but played a significant role in history prior to the residential options of the homes for sale Fort Morgan AL has today. Constructed with stronger materials and designed with a uniform layout, these 46 million cubic yards of bricked structures endured battles in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II. Most notably, Fort Morgan saw the Battle of Mobile Bay through, where Union Admiral David Farragut uttered his famous line, “Damn the torpedoes!” He initiated an attack on the mine and ordered his troops to charge. Subsequent Union forces besieged Fort Morgan for two weeks before it eventually surrendered on August 23, 1864. Its star-shaped structure allowed the forces to hold out much longer with its advanced land defenses. It was a remarkable event in history that would forever bring meaning to the area’s name.


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Post-War And Pre-Fort Morgan Homes For Sale

During the Civil War, artillery with rifled barrels and steam-powered naval ships made masonry fortifications like Fort Morgan useless. This shift was evidenced in 1864 when Union Admiral David Farragut took his armada past the fort’s cannons with damage dealt to only one vessel. Following the war, the military was sluggish in renewing coastal defenses. The Endicott Board prescribed five modern gun batteries and underwater explosives at Fort Morgan in the 1890s. Carried out between 1895 and 1904, the concrete batteries held 19 firearms and mortars. During World War II, the military controlled Fort Morgan for over two years, but the concrete guns were no longer the primary form of protection. After the war, the military returned the fort to the state, concluding the time of coastal defense. Today, the only Civil War structure left is a single room connected to a lighthouse keeper’s residence constructed in 1872. Five wooden buildings from the early 20th century also remain. These structures were once part of a huge support complex of around 100 structures. They functioned as quarters and a post-administration building.


Available Properties Of Fort Morgan In Modern Times

Let’s move past the sands of time to the present refined grains of Fort Morgan’s beaches. The community is hidden west of Gulf Shores. It is known for its sugar-white sand beaches, emerald waters, and relaxed energy. It comfortably receives the breeze from Mobile Bay by the coastline. The area has a mild daily climate that provides openings for residents to participate in outdoor activities. Its natural surroundings showcase beautiful dunes and marshes too. The region’s an excellent spot for anglers to get their next best catch and hosts diverse birds flying across peaceful parks. The combination between history and nature forms a perfect atmosphere for discovery and learning. Head to Tacky Jack’s near the Fort Morgan Marina for a memorable dining experience when all is said and done. The spot sets a lively atmosphere by offering live karaoke on Thursdays and Saturdays. Make sure to try the “Tacky Shrimp” before going home. They prepare it with special spices, seasoning, and herbs before being simmered to perfection.


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