Homes for sale in Glen Park San Francisco, CA

Gorgeous Homes for sale in Glen Park San Francisco CA

Homes for sale in Glen Park San Francisco, offer a wide selection of real estate options for homebuyers looking for a quiet, community-oriented, and want to enjoy city living in a more peaceful community. It is located in San Francisco’s south-central district and has an assigned zip code of 94131. Interested homebuyers can also use Glen Park San Francisco zip code to search for available homes in listings. Glen Park began as a scattered collection of homesteads and pastures many years ago, but over time it has transformed into a bustling and uniquely urban area. Life in Glen Park gives a small and inclusive village atmosphere. The neighborhood’s unique character is primarily due to its incorporation of many of the most desirable aspects of dense urban settings with the attributes of a small town. These aspects, which include location, walkability, access to nature, connection to transit, and retail district, all contribute to the neighborhood’s distinctive personality. It is a highly walkable area with convenient access to parks, stores, and schools. There is also an active and close-knit community of residents who are proud of their neighborhood.

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Glen Park Real Estate Information

The majority of Glen Park’s home inventory is single-family homes. However, there are also bungalows, apartments, and luxury homes available. These homes feature an architectural style varying from Victorian mid-century to modern. Homes for sale in Glen Park San Francisco, cost between $500,000 and $11 million with floor layouts of one to eight bedrooms and one to five bathrooms. Living area range in size from 450 Square Feet to 2386 Square Feet. Most luxury homes sit on Laidley street in Glen Park, which gives massive views of downtown at a value of 949,000 to more than $10 million. Features of homes vary depending on size and price. Typically, houses in Glen Park have an attached garage, kitchen equipped with necessary appliances, installed heating and cooling, water or garden view, and frontage paved sidewalk.

Community Highlights: Homes for sale in Glen Park San Francisco

Glen Park park is full of amenities, activities, and events that provide residents with entertainment and conveniences. One thing that sets Glen Park apart from other neighborhoods is the BART Station, which offers easy access to every part of the city, surrounding areas, and nature. It is a beautiful district for outdoor activities and an ideal neighborhood for those who find enjoying the outdoors an absolute must. There are great parks for hiking and San Francisco views that can be admired anytime. Parks provide green surroundings and open space, allowing families and individuals to sit back and relax or bring along a picnic lunch. The Walter Haas Playground is one of the famous parks in the neighborhood that features a playground, basketball courts, play structures for kids, and a dog run for your furry friends. Living in Glen Park San Francisco, also means enjoying its annual festival. Glen Park Festival is a one-day festival with a parade, games, live music, and loads of activities for kids of all ages. This festival focuses on family-friendly as two children’s areas have jumpy houses, story times, and more.

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