Homes For Sale In Oakton VA

Homes For Sale In Oakton VA And What You Get For Your Money

Oakton, Virginia, is a thriving community in the county of Fairfax. With a population that hovers around 10 square miles and easy access to Virginia’s best schools and shopping, Oakton offers its residents plenty of conveniences while maintaining a small-town atmosphere. It’s no wonder that homes for sale in Oakton, VA, have become increasingly popular over the years. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming suburb with excellent amenities and quality real estate options, you can’t go wrong with Oakton. Owners of homes for sale in Oakton, VA, at the southeastern end can walk to the last station on the Orange Metro Line, which connects to Washington, DC. This level of access makes it easier for those commuters heading to work. For people who drive to work in the city, Route 66 is an accessible way of getting into D.C., being faster and more direct than other routes available for drivers.

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Oakton VA Homes For Sale Safety

Oakton is one of the safest places to live. The crime rate is nearly nonexistent, with less than 0.33 violent crimes per 1,000 people annually. On the other hand, property-related crimes are at 8.93 per 1,000 residents. Simply put, Oakton is safer than roughly 61% of the country. If safety is important to you and you’re getting new homes, Oakton, VA, is a no-brainer. There are also a lot of police officers, and their response time is swift, so you’ll always be safe. Another way the community helps keep its residents safe is through online resource sharing. Daily, neighbors share information about potential burglaries or their lost pets via social media, making it easier for everyone to keep up on safety alerts. It’s the feeling of safety that makes a living here so great. Most people who bought houses in Oakton felt safe inside their houses. More updated homes have new security features like security cameras and alarm systems to tell the police if someone breaks in. Homeowners associations also help ensure everything is running smoothly by providing upkeep, programs, and upgrades to all the neighborhood members.

Schools Near Oakton

There are lots of excellent schools in the city. Some people have even moved there just so their kids can go to one of them. If you’re considering moving to the city, it’s essential to find out what kind of schools are around. Oakton Elementary School is among the best schools in the area. They have about 780 students, and they go from kindergarten to 6th grade. This school has 15 students for every teacher. They have a gifted program for kids who qualify. School ratings websites have given it a high score. This school has great teachers, good academics, and a lot of diversity. Subsequently, Flint High School is another school that has a lot of good reviews. The school has about a thousand PK-12 students. In addition, it’s also a member of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools). They also offer AP programs for interested students. The tuition for Flint Hill is $40K a year, and the graduation rate is 100%. Oakton VA homes for sale have easy access to these reputable institutions and more.

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