Homes for Sale in Southwest San Clemente CA

Stunning Homes for Sale in Southwest San Clemente CA

Homes for sale in southwest San Clemente attract home buyers wanting to call the “Spanish Village by the Sea” their new home. The charming and delightful coastal city of southwest San Clemente is located in Orange County, just an hour’s drive from the Land of Hollywood. The Southwest region of San Clemente is known for its world-class surfing spots and the “Western White House,” home of former President Richard Nixon. This region is known to be one of the most expensive and highly desirable regions in all of San Clemente. Regarding genuine seaside living, Southwest San Clemente in Southern California is among the best places in the region. In southwest San Clemente, the Pacific Coast Highway enters a long stretch of emptiness, and the traffic on I-5 becomes a bit more relaxed. The beaches are less crowded, have great surfing, are relatively quiet, and many feature seaside campsites. In the backdrop of many of the large luxury mansions, one can hear the constant murmur of the nearby waves. Southwest San Clemente is an ideal place for anyone looking for peaceful seaside living yet close to conveniences.

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Real Estate Information: Homes for Sale in Southwest San Clemente CA

Homebuyers in Southwest San Clemente will discover a wide range of real estate options, from modest beach cottages to huge mansions with the pinnacle of luxury finishes. There are also communities of condos and gated single-family home tracts. Several master-planned communities also offer new homes for sale in San Clemente CA, mostly custom, non-tract housing, and come with amenities. Typically homes for sale in Southwest San Clemente cost between $225,000 and $15 million. Luxury homes for sale in San Clemente CA, are priced between $1.9 million and $15 million. The floor layout of homes in San Clemente varies from one to six bedroom and two to seven bathroom arrangements. The overall internal living space spans 2,200 square feet to 12,000 square feet. Every home gives features that bring a comfortable and excellent living experience and might vary, depending on the purchased home’s price, location, and size. Some homes have enclosed terraces with views of the panoramic ocean. Some homes sit in a community with facilities. There are homes for sale with equipped appliances or furniture, pools with views of the beach, or open spaces covered in beautiful green spaces.

Community Highlights

Purchasing Homes for sale in southwest San Clemente also come with conveniences and amenities that provide residents with comfortable living. The beautiful coast road of southwest San Clemente offers a great escape that will make you want to call it home. The southwest part of San Clemente is filled with beautiful beaches, coastal views, and lush green parks. There is a beach trail that follows the coastline, featuring scenic vistas of the ocean. Its endless sunny weather and perfect waves make it a surfer’s paradise and ideal for swimming, body-boarding, hiking, volleyball, whale watching, fishing, surfing, and diving. Hungry from the activities? A great selection of local and international cuisine offers numerous must-try menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. There is also a strong sense of community among residents. From small local businesses, organizations, fundraisers, nonprofits, and enriching programs, to community events, the southwest part of San Clemente provides a community you can be happy to be a part of.

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