Homes for Sale in St Francis Woods San Francisco

History of St Francis Woods

Opulent homes for sale in St Francis Woods, San Francisco, are highly sought after because of their breathtaking views, ability to blend in with their natural surroundings, and traditional architectural styles. The community of St. Francis Wood was laid out in 1912 as a residential area for those belonging to the upper middle class who desired quick streetcar access to downtown occupations. When the first Homes for Sale in St Francis Woods San Francisco, were put up on the market for prospective buyers, the area featured the highest concentration of dwellings in all of San Francisco that was created by notable architects of the century, such as Julia Morgan and supervising architect John Galen Howard. St. Francis Wood is an affluent area in San Francisco comparable to other wealthy districts such as the Marina District and Pacific Heights. However, unlike these different neighborhoods, St. Francis Wood is primarily comprised of single-family homes situated on relatively large lots. There are eight master-planned residence parks in San Francisco, and St. Francis Wood is one of them.

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City Beautiful Movement and Inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places

The City Beautiful movement motivated the overall landscape of St. Francis Wood. The Olmsted Brothers were responsible for designing the street pattern of the area. The neighborhood was distinguished by standalone buildings, curved lanes, lush greenery, and visually-pleasing monuments, which created the impression that the lifestyle of residents was as if living in a park. Residents of St. Francis Wood campaigned for several years to get the neighborhood included on the National Register of Historic Places. In support of their cause, they pointed out the neighborhood’s lengthy architectural history as a residential park. The historic designation will increase by around $10,000 in fees and four months in the amount of time needed to approve potential St Francis wood homes for sale projects. This is because the California Environmental Quality Act will be applied to all building projects in the area. The historic designation also mandated that any new construction be compatible with the historic character of the area, primarily comprised of two-story tall single-family homes with expansive yards.

Architectural Styles at Homes for Sale in St Francis Woods, San Francisco

The charming enclave of St. Francis Wood raised the bar for what it means to live in an urban environment by emphasizing the splendor of the surrounding scenery and a sense of peace in its contoured streetscapes. The highly active homeowner’s association is responsible for the beautiful landscape’s upkeep, including the soaring eucalyptus trees, lush greenways, stunning fountain, and designed plaza. At first, St. Francis Wood was known for its preference for the Italian Renaissance style. However, the 1920s saw the rise of a plethora of period revivals. The exterior features of the St Francis Woods home for sale exhibited a wide variety of expressions, including allusions to Italian villas, Dutch Colonial, French Norman, Spanish Colonial, Stone houses, and English medieval manor houses and thatched cottages.

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