Hospitals in Pasadena CA Area

Hospitals in Pasadena CA Area

Many excellent Hospitals in Pasadena CA, area give residents quality services. It would be best to consider medical assistance when moving to a new home. When you uproot your life and begin a new chapter, you will likely experience a mixture of emotions and usually have to ponder many things before even packing your bag. And among these things to consider is if the city has access to quality and hopefully affordable healthcare. Hospitals in the Pasadena CA, area offer a full spectrum of healthcare for everyone regardless of age, such as family medicine, dental, healthcare for women, pediatrics, care for senior adults, and surgeries, to name a few. Hospitals are necessary for a community; they bring more to an area than just the convenience of an emergency room—no need to travel all over the country when you live close to a nationally recognized hospital, so moving to Pasadena, CA, with many excellent nearby hospitals from your home, is something worth considering.

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Some excellent Hospitals in Pasadena CA Area

When moving to Pasadena, knowing which hospitals are available in the area is as essential as knowing other factors like the cost of living. Here is the rundown of excellent hospitals near Pasadena, California.

  • Huntington Hospital is a medical facility that ensures a hospital-based physician is always available for patients who need general, obstetrical, or critical care. Cancer care, cardiology, orthopedic care, and advanced robotic surgery are among its many healthcare services.
  • San Gabriel Medical Valley is a medical facility located in San Gabriel, CA, near Pasadena, that promotes and champions the individual needs of each patient and family in a caring and supportive environment. Their extensive inpatient and outpatient services include surgical services, emergency care, maternity services, Geriatric Behavioral Medicine, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Alhambra Hospital Medical Center of San Gabriel Valley is a 144-bed general acute care hospital that provides prompt, personalized, high-quality healthcare in a friendly, comfortable environment. Their service includes 24-hour emergency, Medical/surgical, ICU, CCU, DOU, and Rehabilitation centers.

Adventist Health Glendale is a medical facility located in Glendale near Pasadena that offers comprehensive medical care. They provide surgical programs, orthopedic services, primary care, and more.

Importance of Hospitals in Pasadena Community

A community will not be complete without the presence of a hospital. It plays a significant role in the community. The hospitals in Pasadena CA provide residents with various healthcare options ensuring the overall health of residents in Pasadena so that they remain strong, vibrant, and healthy. They are committed to addressing existing health disparities, such as acknowledging societal inequities and biases that mainly affect low-income households, communities of color, and people with disabilities to access equitable care to ensure that all Pasadena’s neighborhoods thrive. Hospitals in Pasadena CA, also partner with dozens of local non-profits, civic leaders, and residents to understand and respond to the community’s needs. Community health impacts everything in the community, and the beautiful city of Pasadena strives to give the health care its residents deserve, as seen by its numerous excellent hospitals.

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