Houses for Sale in Foley AL

Lovely Houses for Sale in Foley AL

Tucked away off the coast of Mobile Bay, at the southern expanse of lower Alabama, along the Gulf of Mexico’s entrance, houses for sale in Foley AL offer homebuyers a wide array of options that meet every budget and taste. The city of Foley is where adventure-seeking water lovers meet the southern hospitality and charm of Alabama. It is home to many family-centered and active residents always looking for an afternoon or weekend adventure. Foley has experienced growth over the past few decades, and the ever-increasing popularity of the Gulf Coast has caused Foley to accommodate a demand of people who would like to move closer to its amazing beaches. Foley Alabama real estate responds to this demand by constructing newly built dwellings in several communities. Along with new homes developed, the city also has a thriving business community, which can be seen now with Foley being the hub for shopping and restaurants in lower Alabama. For individuals and families looking for a quiet living environment that provides opportunities for both employment and entertainment, Foley, Alabama, is for you.

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Foley, Alabama Real Estate Information

There are many residential options in Foley for potential homebuyers, from family homes and townhomes to waterfront condos as investment properties to golf course retirement homes. Some houses for sale in Foley AL are beautiful waterfront properties that line the coast with exquisite architecture or are inland residences surrounded by wooded areas and farmland. Houses on newly developed subdivisions feature classic Ranch-style designs, Contemporary suburban designs, and kid-friendly cul-de-sac structures. Prices for Foley Alabama homes for sale vary per neighborhood, home features, location, type, and size. Silverhill offers the most affordable houses in Foley, where prices range from $100,000 to $500,000, while homes for sale for the rest of the residential neighborhoods in the city cost around $100,000 up to $4 million. Homes also vary from one-floor to two-floor layouts, with two to six bedrooms and two to four bathroom configurations. Other homes are set on lots with massive acreage that provide ample space between each property.

Lifestyle in Foley, Alabama: Houses for Sale in Foley AL

Most people move to Foley to enjoy its stunning beaches and also due to a new job or are already retired. Nevertheless, location is everything when purchasing or renting a home. Living in Foley means there is something to offer in each area of the city. Homebuyers interested in Foley Alabama real estate will appreciate how the city is close enough to enjoy the coastal life but also far away enough to avoid the tourist hustle and bustle.

  • Navigating on Foley is easy. Route 59 is the most direct route through Foley to Interstate 10, and through this main thoroughfare, residents can reach all of the major cities and towns of Baldwin County. Residents can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and coastline of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, which are just a short drive away.
  • Weekends in Foley are all about boat life. Starting Friday afternoon, fishermen fill the Bay and surrounding rivers, and there are also tours and kayaking adventurers.
  • Foley has grown over the last few years, providing residents with opportunities. Several businesses line Route 59, and the city anticipates its industrial and retail industries will climb even more in the coming years.

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