Moving to Daytona Beach

Why or Why Not You Should be Moving to Daytona Beach

Moving to Daytona Beach on Florida’s east coast can be your next significant life achievement! It is definitely a great place to live and visit because of the many amenities and conveniences that it possesses. It features calm beaches and unique job opportunities for its locality. If you’re considering Moving to Daytona Beach, let us give you an overview of how vibrant and flourishing this city is! Daytona’s hard-packed and smooth beaches helped it rise to national prominence in the 1900s. Fishing is one of the popular sports at the boardwalk pier and on passing boats. Geographically, this region has a lesser risk of a hurricane making landfall than other cities on Florida’s east coast. January is the coldest month, averaging 68 to 49 degrees Fahrenheit. The beach’s comfortable weather draws many visitors and potential homebuyers looking for a new place to call home. According to the 2019 census, the city has more than 67,000 permanent residents, putting it outside the top 10 most populous cities in the state and making it more of a tranquil and peaceful area to live in compared to other neighboring cities in Florida.

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Daytona Beach Populace

The vast majority of individuals in Daytona Beach choose to rent rather than buy their homes, which contributes to the unique blend of urban and suburban lives that characterizes the city. Residents of Daytona can venture out of their homes and explore the surrounding area, where they can find an incredible assortment of pubs, restaurants, and parks close to one another. With its relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, living in Daytona Beach is also a great deal for retirees. Apart from that, families also love the many stellar public schools around the area and several family-friendly recreational facilities to visit. Everything you could want in an outdoor paradise is right here when you live in the Daytona Beach Area. Visit outdoor sports facilities, art galleries, museums, theaters, shopping centers, a vibrant nightlife scene, gorgeous water parks, peaceful fishing spots, a relaxing boating experience, and have fun kayaking with friends!

Factors to Consider Before Relocating

Like any city, life in Daytona Beach has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people dream of relocating to this beautiful city in Florida, but before you take action, you should think long and hard about whether or not it is the right choice for you. Here are some things to know before moving to Daytona Beach:


  • The people on the mainland and the island are really kind and welcoming.
  • The cost of living in Daytona Beach is less than in other major American cities.
  • Stunning beaches stretching about 23 kilometers, plus the nearby Halifax River
  • Jacksonville and Orlando are less than 2 hours away from Daytona Beach.
  • Auto manufacturing and aerospace engineering provide unique work opportunities.
  • A wide array of indoor and outdoor recreational activities can be experienced around the area.



  • Daytona Beach’s lack of convenient public transit is a particular problem. Only bus routes exist for getting around the city.
  • There is little to no presence of medical facilities near the beach. Therefore anyone who needs emergency medical care must travel to the mainland.

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