Port Streets in Newport Beach

The Beauty of Port Streets in Newport Beach

Port Streets in Newport Beach can be found in the neighborhood known as Harbor View Homes. From the higher altitudes of Irvine to the north, Harbor View’s roadways, which are arranged in a ladder-like pattern, gradually descend toward Corona del Mar. In Newport Beach, the neighborhood is well-known for being an extremely attractive location for families to live.   It comprises roughly 1044 housing sites, all constructed between the late 1960s and the early 1970s when the area was first developed. This community initially offered nine different floor plans that ranged in size from around 1475 sqft to 2600 sqft. A good number of these houses have been reconstructed and modernized, yet they have maintained their original floor plans to preserve their historical roots. The neighborhood around Port Streets in Newport Beach is home to many stunning residences built mainly to cater to a buyer’s specifications. In addition, there are homes on corner lots available for purchase in Newport Beach’s Port Streets, making them ideal for families that prefer cul-de-sac properties for greater privacy and seclusion.

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Deep Dive About Newport Beach’s Lovely Community of Port Streets

The spacious custom houses in the Port Streets neighborhood in Newport Beach exude a lot of character and charm, making this an excellent place for families to raise their children. Residents of Port Street in Newport Beach are part of a very modest homeowners association, and the amount they are required to pay in dues monthly is limited to a minimum. There are also many places for children to play, such as parks, baseball fields, and basketball courts. The neighborhood of Port Streets in Newport Beach is particularly proud of its two community clubhouses and its swimming pools that give its residents a resort-like lifestyle. In addition, Andersen Elementary School, one of the region’s most well-known and sought-after schools, is easily accessible to children whose families live on the Port Streets.

What are the Streets that Make Up the Port Streets Community?

The neighborhood gets its informal name from all the streets in the area containing the word “Port” – hence “The Port Streets.” The streets that make up the Port Streets in Newport Beach encompass the following: 

  1. Newport Hills Drive East
  2. Newport Hills Drive Wes
  3. Port Abbey Place
  4. Port Albans Circle
  5. Port Albans Place
  6. Port Ashley Place
  7. Port Barmouth Place
  8. Port Bishop Place
  9. Port Bristol Circle
  10. Port Cardiff Place
  11. Port Cardigan Place
  12. Port Carlow Place
  13. Port Carney Place
  14. Port Charles Place
  15. Port Chelsea Place
  16. Port Claridge Place
  17. Port Dunleigh Circle
  18. Port Edward Place
  19. Port Hemley Circle
  20. Port Kimberly Place
  21. Port Laurent Place
  22. Port Locksleigh Place
  23. Port Manleigh Circle
  24. Port Manleigh Place
  25. Port Margate Place
  26. Port Nelson Place
  27. Port Provence Place
  28. Port Ramsgate Place
  29. Port Renwick Place
  30. Port Seabourne Way
  31. Port Sheffield Place
  32. Port Stanhope Place
  33. Port Stirling Place
  34. Port Sutton Drive
  35. Port Taggart Place
  36. Port Tiffin Place
  37. Port Trinity Circle
  38. Port Westbourne Place
  39. Port Weybridge Place
  40. Port Wheeler Place

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