Rice Military Homes For Sale And What They Have To Offer

Rice Military Homes For Sale and History

Rice Military got its name from a nearby army training camp, which became Memorial Park post-war. The neighborhood also got its name from the family that used to own it. However, Bankers Trust Co. bought all of Rice Military for $54,425 from the family and another party. Around the 1990s, artists moved into Rice Military homes for sale, and in 2003, many young professionals moved there because it was close to restaurants, theaters, and Memorial Park. During the same period, the community tried to create a roundabout at Washington Avenue and Westcott Street. That roundabout would connect Rice Military homes for sale with Downtown Houston. Due to a large amount of development, it was near capacity back in 2008. To avoid further overcrowding, developers began developing surrounding subdivisions. And in 2022, the city government declared a block of eight houses on Blossom Street to be called the Brunner-Harmonium Historic District.

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Types of Houses

The original houses in Rice Military were tiny bungalow houses and shotgun houses. But because there weren’t any restrictions on what you could build, other housing types also started to appear. For instance, the newer buildings in the city are family homes, multi-level townhouses, and condos. Rice Military is a neighborhood that has houses of all different styles and types. On top of that, some parts of Rice Military have open drainage ditches and narrow streets. These conditions are in contrast with the newer expensive homes. Finding a cheap house in this area used to be easy, but it’s getting harder. However, you can still find one if you’re willing to work on it. Many options are available if you want homes for sale in Rice Military and have money to spend. For example, if you buy a bungalow, you can renovate it into a single-family house. Luxury homes are available in this community, but if you want something to move into right away, some condos or townhomes will work for you. Houses in Rice Military usually come with furniture and updates. They have homes perfect for single people, families, and older people.

Green Spaces Around Properties For Sale at Rice Military

If you love to spend time outdoors, you can enjoy Rice Military apartments. The community has many different parks and green spaces you can enjoy with your family and friends. And Rice Military properties are near Buffalo Bayou Park. This park is massive at 160 acres and has a fountain in it. Moreover, you can see the Houston skyline from there, too. On top of that, anyone can use the skate park. In addition, there is also the Buffalo Bayou Trail. It’s a 15-mile stretch of paved road that runs through the city. It’s popular and easy to get to because it stretches from Memorial Drive to Allen Parkway. Many people run, bike, walk or take their dogs on this trail. Rice Military homes make it possible for you to live in this incredible location where there is so much beauty around you all the time. Other parks near Rice Military include:

  • Fall Run Park
  • Silverado Hermann Park
  • Autry Park
  • Camp Logan Park
  • Woodcrest Park
  • Cottage Grove Park
  • West End Park
  • Cleveland Park
  • Knox Park
  • Luna’s Park
  • Clay Family Eastern Glades
  • West Gray Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Wagner Park
  • Spotts Park
  • Lawrence Park
  • Cherryhurst Park

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