Scream Truck

Scream Truck: Your Neighborhood On-Demand Ice Cream Truck

It’s hardly by chance that a vibrant pink ice cream truck with contemporary music is driving through your neighborhood. With a network of routes constantly expanding, Scream Truck travels to several towns in Union, Somerset, Essex, and Morris every day. When the Scream Truck is in your area that afternoon or evening, you will receive a morning SMS if you sign up on the website. If you want a Scream Truck to stop at your house, respond “Y”; after that, order and pay in advance so that your ice cream will be ready when the Scream Truck comes. Imagine pressing a button to have delectable soft-serve ice cream delivered to your house. That the parent truly influences when the vehicle shows up at your home! With the help of the new Scream Truck, on-demand ice cream services will soon be available in Westfield areas and the closest towns.


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Credit: Image by Dakota Corbin | SUnsplash


Scream Truck: Highlights

A classic ice cream truck passing by the home of firm founder Eric Murphy, who has expertise in events technology, media, and marketing, gave him the idea to found the business. “People are continually texting the ice cream truck in our town, trying to get him to come to their house, so that’s where the idea of texting came in,” Murphy continued. “Then I thought, ‘How can we arrange this better and make it more efficient for the truck so we can serve everyone?'” It has been effective. Five hundred homes joined during the first 24 hours after Murphy’s Facebook post introducing the idea in Westfield in June 2020. Currently, 22,000 households are on the list, all obtained without formal advertising and word-of-mouth. Scream Truck has yet to be able to visit all of them. However, the inquiries allow Murphyunity to decide whether places should be added later.


What Makes it Different from Other

The experience is personalized and makes the most significant impact. The technology used to get the truck to your home is innovative. It also contains two 4K LED displays that can be dynamically adjusted for events that flank either side of the service window. It is possible to pre-program the displays to show text, images, video, etc., at specified times, such as “Happy Birthday (insert name).” Automatic screen changes occur at the beginning of the event. In the future, they will create a menu for each home we visit! The display might display a message such as, “Hello, Murphy Family! We are Happy to Meet You Today!”Perhaps they see what they most recently ordered, or it shows a menu specifically tailored for that family. They genuinely want to personalize it and give each family a sense of extra-specialness. The best possible client service is what we want to provide!


You can still enjoy the Scream Truck even if you don’t reside in Westfield by visiting the website at, you may book a small-large gathering right now.