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Is Simi Valley A Good Place to Live?

Are you considering relocating to Simi Valley, California? Are you currently residing in the Los Angeles region and want to make a change? Simi Valley is one of the most gorgeous and family-friendly suburbs on the West Coast.

Is Simi Valley a good place to live? Here are some reasons why Simi Valley is one of Socal’s Best Places To Live

1). It has been named the “Best City to Work In” in the United States; this is a significant accolade to get in the Greater Los Angeles area because it demonstrates how well-rounded the city is. “Anecdotally, we’ve heard from businesses that have relocated here that their staff are more productive.” Assistant City Manager Brian Gabler told the Los Angeles Daily News. “It’s no surprise that both employees and company owners adore Simi Valley.”

2) The locals adore it. As claimed by the study conducted by the University of California, Vermont, it is the sixth happiest city in the United States. Wide-open spaces, low rent, quick highway access, and a laid-back lifestyle in one of the busiest areas in the United States all contribute to it being a wonderful place to live at any stage of one’s life.

A Secure City to Live

3) It is a secure city to live and raise children. Crime is a significant issue in Southern California. Thankfully, it’s uncommon in Simi Valley. Like neighboring Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley was named the seventh-safest city in the United States, with more than 100,000 inhabitants, an impressive figure by any standard.

4) It provides a safe and inexpensive living environment. Simi Valley, which is not far from Los Angeles, allows residents to live away from the city’s pollution and high prices while still having access to all the wider surrounding area’s benefits.

5) There are a plethora of entertainment and food alternatives. Simi Valley has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, shoppers, and nightlife enthusiasts. You’ll never run out of recreational options in this city, with multiple golf courses scattered across the city and places like Big Sky Park (which lives up to its name).

How much is rent in Simi Valley

How much is rent in Simi Valley

In Simi Valley, CA, the average apartment size is 824 square feet. Still, this number varies widely based on unit type, with both house and flat economical and luxurious alternatives. The smallest and least expensive apartments are studios; 1-bedroom apartments are closer to the average, while 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments have more significant square areas.

Cost of Living in Ventura County

Our cost-of-living indices are based on a 100-point scale in the United States. A value less than 100 indicates that Ventura is less expensive than the national average. Ventura, California, is more costly if the cost-of-living index is 100. The cost of living in Ventura is 151.7.

Cost of Living in Simi Valley CA

Cost of living in Simi Valley CA

Our cost-of-living indices are calculated using a100-point scale in the United States. Simi Valley is less expensive than the national average if the number is less than 100. Simi Valley, California, is more expensive if the cost of living index is above 100.

The cost of living in Simi Valley is 149.9 dollars per month.

Final thoughts

Simi Valley was one of California’s 50 safest cities last year. You can feel safe and secure in this town, which has a crime rate over 70% lower than the California average. With a sizeable area of over 42 square miles, you’ll have plenty of beautiful choices when it comes to where you want to reside.

The city has been designed to support a variety of lifestyles as a community dedicated to establishing a family-friendly environment. Santa Susana, Texas Tract, Wood Ranch, and Corriganville are Simi Valley’s most significant communities.

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