Summerlin North Homes for Sale

Summerlin North Homes for Sale

Summerlin is the best urban and residential area in Las Vegas. It is a master-planned community divided into Summerlin North, Summerlin South, Summerlin West, and Summerlin Center. It situates next to the magnificent Red Rocks National Conservation Area. Summerlin North homes for sale are one of the most demanded real estate listings in Las Vegas. The place traditionally emphasizes quality, innovation, and advanced home design, and it boasts an all-star team of homebuilders to back up this claim. Many individuals of all ages have dreamed of buying from Summerlin North homes for sale and living in Summerlin, Nevada. It should be no surprise that many locals and newcomers are considering moving to the area given its ten golf courses, hundreds of parks, hundred miles wide outdoor trails, fine dining, and large shopping centers.

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Summerlin North, Las Vegas neighborhood

The affluent neighborhood is renowned for its gorgeous luxury homes and broad lanes bordered with trees. The area is well situated a few minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas Hills and is ideal for people who like a quiet neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Summerlin Pkwy and the 215 Beltway are easily accessible to locals, connecting the district to all the city has to offer. Tournament Hills Las Vegas, is also found in the neighborhood. In addition, it is noteworthy that according to research, the Summerlin North neighborhood has some of the lowest rates of young people living in poverty. The town distinguishes itself from the others in this regard because the average in the country is that one in four children lives in poverty. If you intend to retire in Nevada, Summerlin must be on your must-visit list. For various reasons, Summerlin North may be regarded as a retiree’s ideal community. It is tranquil, has increased safety against crime compared to other communities, provides various housing options, and consists of a mix of well-educated seniors and different age groups living in the area.

Real Estate Information: Summerlin North Homes for Sale

The typical home price of Summerlin North homes for sale is around $470,000. The current average rental cost is approximately $2,800, which is greater than the average for more than 84.3% of the neighborhoods in Nevada. Summerlin North is a suburban area, so residents enjoy the convenience of the city while still having a rural vibe. Most of the real estate listings in the Summerlin North homes for sale are single-family houses, townhomes, and studio types. The homes in the area were constructed between 1970 and 1999, making them established but not old. However, there are also homes built later than 2000 if you wish for a modern home.

There are many essential aspects of a neighborhood, but for the most part, people only pay attention to how it appears and what makes it unique. Check out available homes in Summerlin at Feel free to message the website for an expert realtor to get the best help.