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Many people could not identify Sunnyside Denver homes for sale because they’re next to another place called Highland. But lately, Sunnyside is more popular on its own because it has a few updates. There are more restaurants, stores, and people living here than before. In the last year, home purchases spiked in this area more than before. Prices have gone up by over 12% from 2017 to 2018. Some people think that some of Sunnyside’s population growth is because many people are moving into Highland and Berkeley. These are nearby neighborhoods. Other people think it’s because of a prominent Hispanic influence in the northern district. Sunnyside Denver homes for sale have easy access to all these areas. It’s safe to say that the neighborhood is gearing towards progressive changes. Take a look for yourself.

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History Of Sunnyside Denver Houses On The Market

Sunnyside is one of the older neighborhoods in North Denver. Developers formed it in 1858 along with Berkeley Lake, Potter Highlands, Sloan’s Lake, and West Highlands. As Denver entered the 20th century, the smelting industry played a significant role in Sunnyside’s growth. An influx of Italian immigrants arrived in the Sunnyside neighborhood, Denver, to work on the Colorado Central Railroad. They helped expand the vegetable gardens and build small homes. For many years, some parts of north Denver were separate from Denver. However, it became part of the city in 1896. Sunnyside has been added to the city three times. So there are houses from many different time periods here and all kinds of homes and buildings. When the neighborhood started, they named streets after different animals. But Denver decided to change the names when it got more prominent and more people moved in from other areas. The city of Sunnyside switched to using numbers and Native American names. As years passed, more Hispanic residents slowly overturned the majority of Italian residents. Between the 1960s and 1970s, many Hispanics were in the neighborhood. There are still many people from this group living here today.

Food Scene Near Sunnyside Homes for Sale on Offer

If you want to eat all day, go to the Sunnyside neighborhood. If you get up in the morning, there are three places you can go to eat breakfast. You have Bacon Social House, Sunny’s, or Universal. Do you like to eat out for lunch? Then there are two places you can go where they make sandwiches for lunchtime. One of them is called Buchi Cafe Cubano. The other one is called Carbone’s at the Monkey Barrel. If you’re looking for other good food after the sun goes down, head to El Jefe or Ernie’s Bar & Pizza. On the other hand, if you’re craving fancier meals, you should go check out The Wolf’s Tailor instead. Go to Chubby’s if you want to hang out at night and see your friends. It’s a great place with lots of food and drinks. It’s a neighborhood staple. Wherever there are people, new breweries and wineries pop up. Consequently, Sunnyside has a collection of them. It’s home to the thirteen-year-old Bonacquisti Wine Company, Diebolt Brewing, and Factotum Brewhouse. So, when you move here, get your stomachs ready. It is a haven for food spots and restaurants.

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