Alfonso’s Bakery: Where Tradition Meets Unforgettable Taste!

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Alfonso’s Bakery: A Legacy of Excellence Alfonso’s Bakery takes pride in crafting mouthwatering delights that have been tantalizing taste buds for generations. In this article, we invite you to explore the rich history, delectable offerings, and unique flavors that make Alfonso’s Bakery a true gem in the culinary world! Established in 1965, Alfonso’s Bakery has …

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Scream Truck

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Scream Truck: Your Neighborhood On-Demand Ice Cream Truck It’s hardly by chance that a vibrant pink ice cream truck with contemporary music is driving through your neighborhood. With a network of routes constantly expanding, Scream Truck travels to several towns in Union, Somerset, Essex, and Morris every day. When the Scream Truck is in your …

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