Things to Do in Berkeley

Exploring Things To Do In Berkeley

The City of Berkeley is by the San Francisco Bay. It’s a more grounded area of California where artists, historians, restauranteurs, and adventurers reside to experience the laidback cultural lifestyle. It is a hub of homegrown talents thriving and making waves in their respective industries. And if you’re looking for things to do in Berkeley, it’s brimming with unique activities you can participate in to either find your place in a community or make your own. If you’re considering buying real estate in the area, you can take advantage of the various tours offered to get a feel of the area’s vibe. Listed below are some tours that you can take.

  • Amtrak San Joaquins
  • Berkeley City Club
  • Edible Excursions
  • The Lawrence Hall Of Science
  • Uc Botanical Garden At Berkeley
  • Berkeley Historical Plaque Project
  • Berkeley Historical Society & Museum
  • Berkeley Path Wanderers Association
  • Berkeley Walks
  • Friends Of The Fountain And Walk


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Activities In Berkeley For History Buffs

Part of Berkeley’s charm is the amount of heritage it has. But unlike historic cities, Berkeley’s traditions have blended into the modern age and mixed into the local pop culture. There’s a sense of evolution without losing the feel of familiarity. You can look through some of the local favorite spots below.

Berkeley City Club: This historic hotel also serves as a private social club and event venue. It is part of the National Register of Historic Places and the Historic Hotels of America. In 1927, a group of women commissioned Julia Morgan to design and manage the construction of the Club.

Julia’s Restaurant: If you are a history or architectural buff, then you should not miss a meal at Julia’s. Simply being in the room is worth the visit. Julia Morgan built this masterpiece in 1929. To walk in the lobby and up to the 2nd floor is one of the Bay Area’s mesmerizing hidden gems.

Tupper And Reed Building: Designed by architect and painter William Raymond Yelland in 1925, the Tupper and Reed Building is renowned as the most romantic building downtown. Vivid colors characterize its second-story tiles and whimsical details.


Cultural Events

Structures and establishments are good, but more immersive opportunities exist for everybody to experience its dynamic culture. You can catch anything from fairs to festivals, which include activities focused on music, art, and food. Here are a few you can swing by and enjoy.

Himalayan Fair: This outdoor festival is organized by the Bay Area’s Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, and other Himalayan communities. The vibrant festival was founded in 1983 by Arlene Blum, who led the first female expedition up Annapurna and was a member of the 1976 Bicentennial Everest Expedition. This event promotes traditional Himalayan arts, crafts, music, delicacies, and entertainment.

International Taiko Festival: Witness taiko drummers beating out a thunderous rhythm. The festival showcases 2,000 years of musical history that stimulated rain and signaled Japanese armies for battle. San Francisco’s internationally acclaimed Taiko Dojo usually performs on a 1-ton, 12-foot-high drum.

Berkeley Indigenous Peoples Day Pow Wow & Indian Market: This event usually happens at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park. It is credited as the first festivity commemorating indigenous people before it caught on and is now celebrated nationwide. You can join dances and marvel at various crafts here.


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